Yummy Things And More News For Today

This woman is fat.

Don't ya think?

Ralph Lauren thought she was so fat that they fired her size 4 ass but not before they took a photo of her, photoshopped it to appear as it does to the left and then published it.

That's right. They fired her because she could no longer fit into the size 2 sample clothes and at the same time they altered one of her latest photos so that she appears so emaciated that it's cartoon-like.The whole situation begets two questions:

1. Why not photoshop all photos?
2. Why not let anyone model then?

If the practice is already that the images are entirely manipulated, who cares what the model looks like anyway? Who cares what they ate for breakfast and how their thighs look? Who cares about nutrition and healthy lifestyle when a flick of the photoshop wrist promises to make us all look the same. Who cares what our daughters look like, act like, behave, say, do, WHO CARES?

Aha. We should care. I care. Kudos to this model for standing by what she is. Initially, she reported that she was not going to tell anyone that she was fired for being a size 4. It was her badge of courage to bear and that was something she would have to learn to sleep with at night.

Then she saw the batched photo of her starving. And that hit a nerve. Or at least that is how it's being played out. So now she is speaking out. It seems this may be an interesting story about how they tried to take away her career and in the process they gave her voice. Not a bad trade-off.

In other news:

1. Dow tops 10,000 which could mean that soon we will all be able to afford groceries again!
2. Dr. Oz introduced the five immunity booster foods as follows: sardines, papaya-carrot juice, miso soup, elderberry (drink the juice,don't eat the berries) and garlic. What is not to love about Dr. Oz?
3. Free stuff for starving artists, er, poor writers can be found here: http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/2009/10/4-free-stuff-for-writers/

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