Finding Light Among All the Dark

Desiree Jennings was training for a half marathon. She was a former Washington Redskin cheerleader. She is gorgeous. Then she got a flu shot. Ten days later she was diagnosed to a rare horrific disease and never will her life be the same. Check out the video here.

From the news of a man getting arrested for making coffee in the nude (in his own kitchen in his own home while a wife of a police officer was spying on him through his window) to news that the precious little girl in Florida now sleeps among the angels, there is hardly a better time to ignore it all and head out into the rainy cold outside for a trek through the forest preserve. Or rather, an indoor workout at the local 24-hour health club. The world is full of fraught and potential to mistep, it seems.

I have provided some details into what to do to make outdoor training safe in previous posts. But let's be a little more realistic today and admit how difficult it is to actually make yourself go outside when the world is so grim and the sky is so gloomy. And I'm not just talking about the weather. I'm also talking about the blues.

An old article on Runner's World website details the same old, same old, that we probably could stand to read season in, season out. Fighting fatigue, the winter blues and the workout doldrums; we need to keep things fresh, fight the urge to curl up on the couch (our bodies tend to want to hibernate in these seasons, all the experts seem to say...some even suggest we can do it in Louboutins...seriously), invest in light therapy or simply pack up the family and move to Hawaii.

# # #

Just to be sure, there is some good news out today.

The former cheerleader who now faces a life-altering disability is bringing attention to the potential side effects of vaccinations with the help of Jenny McCarthy and her foundation.

The man who made coffee in the nude is finally getting some attention when his clothes are on. And coffee is delicious. Especially coffee from Hawaii.

Prayers are being sent to the mother of little Somer. And her family. When they certainly need it most. And the rest of us are all hugging our kids just a little tighter. We feel lucky to feel so exhausted.

And finally, my gym has it's bright florescent bulbs a-blazing 24 hours a day, helping me to stay positive even when it's dark outside. Oh, I don't stay there long when my body is telling me no and my brain is totally shut down. But every time I go, I feel better when I leave.

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