Think About It

From one blimp story making the front page to another, apparently it's just another day in paradise around here.

Today's news includes a little boy and his balloon. 99 Luft balloons was a catchy tune. It took hours to catch this little guy's vessel all amidst a possibility that the boy was being carried up, up and away. Now, I can joke about this because we all know how it ends. It was a hoax.  Timmy O'Toole style, the boy cried wolf and the cameras came looking. Jokes on us as the little turd did it all for show. He may or may not have been pressured by his parents (he was, we all know that much is true) but the simple fact is that people will do anything for money and fame. And it appears as if social media is the vehicle upon which village idiots travel. Doh!

In other news, two things are changing in my household. First, I'm getting ready for winter running. Ouch. Nothing is more irritating than trying to cut through that cold intake air only to find a mile or two later that a thin layer of sweat is between you and your warmed clothing. Well, the only thing worse than that while you are running happens exactly the moment after you stop running. Those cold wet clothes reintroduce themselves to your inner thigh and the small of your back. So, check out these cold weather tips by Coach Jenny Hadfield:

The other thing changing is that I am starting to run with my dog Stella outdoors. Stella is a five month old weimeramer. She is pictured here with her good friend Apollo. She makes running a good solid run more difficult than I care to admit, but she is a good dog that will eventually get better over time. Like many things in life. Like unemployment. Or Social media, McCain hopes. Or wine. Yeah, let's just concentrate on wine....

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