To Dream of Travel Promises Being Possible

I'm just looking for a little truth.

I'm not trying to uncover the next Bernie Maddoff. I'm not even sure I care about what Buzz Aldren had to say to Obama.
Even as the economy appears to be turning around, like Obama is telling us today, my search continues.
I'm just looking for a little adventure. Truthfully.

What I really want is a travel site that makes good on it's promises. Have you ever gotten one of those messages from Southwest or Travelzoo or know the promises, the hype, the excitement of traveling for cheap to destinations of glory?

"Only $45 per person for flight plus 3 nights to Vegas..." yada yada yada.

Only for you to find that not a single date works within the restrictions. Instead, one search after another shows prices in the range of $779 to $1,900 per person. (This is based on fact...just did the searching again today.)

Honestly, how hard would it be for a travel site to post a VERY specific offer? As in, your ticket from Chicago to Vegas and stay at Bally's for the dates of Thursday, Nov. 12 through Sunday, Novemeber 15 and it'll cost $XX. Click here and you are only two clicks from purchase. But act fast...this offer will expire in 24 hours. (A lot like the deal of the day sites provided earlier. In fact, exactly like those sites. As in, here are the deals. That's the deal. Thank you and good night.)

I would do that. But left to my own devices I will slowly grow angry when I can't locate a reasonable flight or vacation package and in the end will eventually choose to not vacation at all and instead spend $345 at the Coach outlet store for yet another lime green travel bag that I obviously don't need. (Oh, I need it, don't get me wrong. But not for travel. Who the hell can afford to travel at times like these?)

Unless, of course, I could find a decent deal.

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