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Still searching for decent travel deals, here are a few deals too hard to pass up with today's gasoline prices... - haven't yet used this site but am interested in gaining the lowdown. Basically, you can search the database of deals by zipcode and then buy gift certificates for a local restaurant. My problem is that it seems they have a limited amount of gift certificates available and I can never find one in my area. If I could, it would be a good deal if I were to make sure and read the fine print. Example of a gift certificate is $10 for a $25 voucher (with a $50 food purchase minimum not to be used on Fri, Sat night after 4.) Not bad if you are trying something new or crazy. - have used this site for more than a couple deals and each time was more surprisingly pleasing than the next. You can search through the content for your location but you only have 24 hours to take advantage of a deal (if it gets activated by enough interested parties) and I would recommend just registering because they are a friendly bunch whose sarcastic & witty writing is rather entertaining. Today's deal in Chicago is ten bucks worth of food for $5 at a cute little pocket cafe. Yum. I have successfully - and happily - purchased a $150 spa day for $50 and a trendy haircut for $35 (value $75). - running gear and wear is 20% off. This stuff is a little pricier than the average yoga-running-athletic sexy sportwear for the busy woman, but the sales are worth a gander.
Another place that is similar to Lucy in the oh-I-probably-don't-absolutely-need-this-purchase-but-I can't-seem-to-not-stop-thinking-about-how-wonderful-my-life-would-be-if-I-were-to-own-it kind of purchase, is a place that offers cool and oh-so-trendy, not yet embraced by the general population trends and fashions, but the real deal is their outlet section. Really good bargains for gifts, holidays, organic wear and more. I may be addicted to this site. Gulp.

Gold is coming back this season...for only $129 at Sundance.

Shop it to me Running - If you have even more time on your hands and can wait through the registration process...AND if you don't mind the burning feeling that all your information is being added to a master list and sold to the highest bidder...this may be the site for you. It takes down your size and other fashion needs and wants and delivers an email with personalized sales as often as you like. -  I have purchased bulk power bars and energizing jelly beans from this site. Works best when you spend some time making a larger purchase. But, really, who can ever have enough beans?

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