The Art of Blogging About Art While Jogging Without Shoes While Running in Heels Will Leave You EXHAUSTED

Headline news is overrated. Between McCain's daughters naughty photo to the boy in the bubble to the rise and fall of the Dow to the irrational health care proposals (click here for a digg article titled, Healthcare; What Would Jesus Do. Seriously.) , it's time for a commercial break!

From infomercials to online pop-ups to marketing shows that pose as medical advice, here are my top five outrageous promises:
1. An amaxing new diet. Drink more water to fill up your belly and you will eat less and lose more weight! Water makes you skinny!
2. Put these shoes on your feet, go running and you will lose weight! Shoes make you skinny!
3. Put your money in the bank. That way you won't have money in your pocket. Banks save you money!
4. Take this cool new birth control pill. These tiny pills will prevent kids from becoming part of your life thus leaving you with more time for yourself, a more shapely figure, more money and overall more enjoyment. Birth control pills make you happy!
5. Use this anti-depressant drug. With this other anti-depressant drug. When you use these drugs and go to therapy and eat right and get plenty of sleep and make a lot of money and attend church regularly and let go of all the angry bad thoughts you have and keep good friends and family near you at all will be less likely to want to commit suicide. Drugs save your life! (Or at least help you run for shelter...)

Rant over. My apologies to anyone who drinks, likes shoes, collects money, enjoys life or feels emotion. Wait...that's me.

God I love marketing.

Keeping with this whole theme of truth in advertising, this post really does contain a blog about art...blogging about the art of blogging about art. (It's actually less satirical than the title may lead you to believe, but still a site worthy of a look-see.) It's among one of my favorite ways to stay connected to the ever-changing world of art.

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