The art of being pieceful

Hey folks...this is what peace looks like. May be a good tattoo or spun up from sterling silver, could serve as an excellent charm. (I'm taking a metalsmithing class right now...go figure.)
And this? 
Oh, it showcases a piece as well. Actually, it showcases two two-pieces. And a splash of water in the background. How easy it is to overlook the peaceful water in this picturesque scene?

But we do it all the time. We leave out a critical component or overlook something so obvious. From a nutrition perspective, it's easy to see that we regularly miss out on a diverse diet.  Instead, it's a piece of this and a piece of that, but never a whole meal. Or even a meal replacement bar. (Or even a whole cherry chip bagel.) And I know it affects my runs, among all other things. We all do it; whether we are training for something or trying to slim down for another reason. We skip meals, scrimp on counting calories and what's worse is when we don't read labels and we forgo an entire category of food. For me, it's easy to not get enough protein and iron. For others, it's getting too much meat and not enough fruits and juices. And then there is soda, coffee, caffeine...ugh.
But the most ridiculous thing of all to forgo is water. Good ole H20. It's so easy to blame lathargy on something else. We juggle too much and accomplish too little. The fact is that as humans, I don't think we can drink enough water. My doctor reminds me of that at every visit, sometimes even before I pawn off an orangey-colored container of urine. Recently my run group has been concentrating on the amount of water that we drink during the day when we know we have a longer run at night. Talk about being preventive and proactive. I feel like I need to drink an energy drink on the way to the run group after a long day. But in reality, I should be preparing for that run ALL DAY LONG.
Who would have thought that water was a missing component to my diet?
Maybe I should move to England, where real people value a real human body.  An emaciated one, that is. And perhaps water is the only thing on some menus. Called fashionable, being excruciatingly thin is in. Obesity is out, so it seems. Thank goodness a few people have been left with sense and sensibility. A trend in advertising is using "real" people - nearly as sustainable as using recycled paper. Nearly two years ago Spain called for a minimum body mass index for all models walking the catwalk. Isn't that funny? The catwalk can not take too much weight...but we need to be sure that y'all are still alive...
And now French politicians are examining legislation that would require admissions of airbrushing to be places on adverts where real bodies have been morphed into superhumans. A lot like the cigarette warnings...can you imagine? "Please be aware that the model depicted here actually weighs an astonishing 102 lbs., whereby most of her flesh has been airbrushed to make her look like a delicious corpse."
Anyway, Khloe and the other K-lettered Kardashian undoubtedly look booty-liscious after thinking too much about this. I think I need to find some water...

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