All Things Pink

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are a few reminders of why it ain't easy being cheesy. Just kidding. It's easy. But facing breast cancer? Wow. I'm left speechless after witnessing more than one angel earn her wings for making it all the way to the siren song of the boxing bell. We certainly all have our personal stories, but for today, let's just say that PINK is a glorious thing...

Here are five reasons why PINK is where it's at:

1. Panera's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbon bagels. I've blogged about them before. Cuz I love them. They are just a tad difficult to get my grimy little paws on....

2. There's a story of a lovely, can a 16-year-old be called a lady? Maybe not. There's a story about this kick-ass grrrl who wants to take the world by the winds and sail, sail away...all in a little old pink sailing more here.

3. Pink is the color of a "for girls only" taxi service you will find in Puebla, Mexico. If you are a woman you can enjoy the ride. If not, keep walking.

4. BeeWell Miles donates money for breast cancer causes for each mile you log at their wellness site. This site is particularly interactive and offers race training info, links to find local races and more.

5. Susan G. Koman for the Cure lets you explore local and national assets for aiding in the fight against breast cancer. Lots of pink, lots of races and walks, plus lots of inspiration!

For more information on how you can get and stay involved in fighting a good fight against a terrible disease, check out the American Cancer Society website.

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