Monday, January 10, 2011

Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?

I belong to a group of local communication and marketing professionals. We get together to consume fun facts and industry ideas, tons of alcoholic beverages regularly and share open positions of interest.

When I say interest, I actually mean, "interesting."

Not always -- not even most of the time -- are they jobs that anyone would actually put in for, mostly because we are mostly all employed. If we weren't employed, we probably wouldn't mess much with these types of social groups.

So when I say, "interesting," I actually mean; it gives us something to talk about aside from how much we would rather be at home in our jammies than hob-knobbing with the Wickershams and the Wickersham cousins.

Check out the latest two noteworthy positions recently distributed by a popular marcomm job list:

87.)  Barista Bagel Slinger, The Pulp the Bean, Crown Heights, NY

88.)  Bagel Catcher, Bruegger's, Woburn, MA

Talk about the challenges of a long distance relationship? The slinger in NY and the catcher in MA?!?!

It's Monday morning people, it's too early for this crap. Go get your coffee and a donut and come back later and we'll try this again...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do This, Don't Do That

Lists, lists, everywhere there's lists.

As the New Year births and stretches it's tiny arms wide, it's normal practice to do one thing. Aside from joining my gym and ruining my January of workouts, everyone seems to be doing the same thing. Every new year, everyone seems to decide as a group that we all need to make serious change for the better (and sometimes the worse) and we all write it down. We make lists. Check out a few...

Hootsuite's Best of... recap of 2010 in sordid detail.

Not sure really why I am including the top five socially savvy sexpots, but here goes, Ocho, this one is for you.

A link to the Late Show's top ten lists. Be watching for something 'round the end of year to astonish you. Or simply amuse you. Maybe piss you off. But probably not at all surprise you. Thanks to the internet, you are omnipotent, aren't you?

Damnit. I've been bragging up and down the hallow corridors of my corporate workplace about how great Skype is and their instant messaging technology that is totally workplace user friendly. And then the little fucker shuts down. Among the list of the top 5 interesting yet little know tech stories as of late, the Skype escapade is in there.

Huffington Posts' top ten favorite funny people of the year. 

10 Social Media 2010 Highlights from ClickZ.

Some random dude's top ten best and worst PR stories for the last 12 months. Don't know if I agree or even care about any of the content except to say that, indeed, Kurt Warner appears to be a good guy. Let's just give it some time. Favre used to look pretty god-damned angelic back in the day. And now look how he will be remembered: for his snarky yet unintelligent texts.

Finally, check out the top ten list from E! You'll get a little LiLo jail tale, some Gibson gaffows, death of the Deadliest Catch captain and a hat trick of sorts for good girl Sandra Bullock. Of course the biggest news was that Team Coco kicked ass and took names. Namely, Jay Leno's name, after Jay quit and then quit again and then decided to kick sand in Conan O'Brien's face. Last laugh will likely be had by the crimson king of late night TV and social media genius himself, who, indeed, brought sexy back.

Come on 2011. Whatchagot?