Monday, June 28, 2010

Chumlee Didn't Make the List, So I'm Not Buying

In an attempt to document everything everywhere, here is my take on the latest greatest lists worth listing.

Start off by checking out TIME magazine's ranking of the best blogs of 2010. Not at all a surprise, The Sartorialist is among the best and Mashable and Perez Hilton can be found among the overrated. 

Not so much a list as a self-defined "checklist," this article by Intense Minimalist sounds off on what it necessary for optimal social usability.

Social Media Examiner offers up 5 Ways to Killer Twitter Spam. Again, not really a lists of sorts, but an interesting read, if that's what you are looking for.

If you are looking for interesting AND TRENDY news lists, check out the Top ten Things Fabio Capello got wrong as coach for England in the World Cup 2010.

Speaking of interesting AND DANGEROUS; check out the list of 12 Volatile Volcanoes that are READY TO BLOW.  (All caps just seemed appropriate today.)

Speaking of dangerously stupid, here are 74 of the world's most strange and exotic animals. I see neither my dog nor Chumlee from Pawn Stars in the top 50, so I remain skeptical.

And finally, one last depressing thought...ABC news presents the Top 5 Cities falling into the shitter, thanks to the failing economy.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Not To Do

With the economy as U_G_L_Y as it is right now, it's tough to open a newspaper, click on an industry read or watch the nightly news without being bombarded with stories about how to make the most of yourself during a job hunt. Or how not to lose a job once you have it: see The McChrystal Effect. Check out the Rolling Stone article for more information.

But stories are not simply aimed at the unemployed as of late. Now the employers are being drawn out and questioned about their questions of practice. And why not? We've all been on interviews and we all know what screams as inappropriate, intimidating and simply cruel behavior from the firm and confidant hands of a well-employed employee.

And thanks to social media - and the media - we can learn about these interesting stories and further, we can share, maybe even help each other out along the way...whether it's a lesson learned, a story shared or a network connection made.

Here is an example of a how someone was treated by Google when they were interviewing for a social media position. It's not abusive, it's simply disorganized.

Here is an example of what Forbes offers via Facebook when it comes to complaining about your boss or your boss to be. Feel free to contribute if you also have a sordid tale to share. But please beware of the potential McChrystal Effect as mentioned above.

There is even a renegade charge to show the world of the hiring what the hire-able has to offer. Visit to see what people are saying already.

Whatever you do, be careful out there. Not just of who you are and who you talk to, but also of what you say and how you say it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Common Sense Communication Commandments

Social Media Today posted an article titled, "The 8 Commandments for Participating in Online Conversations."

If Jesus were still alive today, I doth think he would say that this author was thinking too much. Why? Because all 8 of the commandments are COMMON SENSE folks.

1. Listen
2. Ask questions
3. Adopt a Receptive Attitude
4. Be Honest
5. Be Personal
6. Engage
7. Thank You
8. Be Positive

The article addresses the question of, "How can we engage in conversations with our consumers?"

After furnishing the above mentioned 8 commandments for proper conversations, it finishes by stating, "These criteria are neither new nor unique, but when applied to marketing they are really innovating."

Really? Innovating? I'm not so sure I would agree with the notion that nothing new is innovating. Maybe the medium is evolving, but the practice of communicating is not revolutionary. Even for the social sphere. I mean, how can this criteria be innovative when we are talking about two or more people, ummm...talking...about something to another person or two. Which is to say, don't be stupid people. Business has always been social and people are always talking about business. On golf courses. In fancy restaurants. While traveling, while waiting to travel, before travel, after travel and on vacation. We are people and we communicate. We chit-chat. We socialize. That's what we do.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forget Massaging the Message, Take a Picture Already

Take a picture, it lasts longer.

And it's worth a thousand words.

Just make sure you follow the three C's of communication when it comes to capturing an image worth sharing.

Be compelling. Be clear. Be concise.
Also try to be creative, be consistent and be cautious.

If you can, try also to be cordial, curious, contemplative and candid. Maybe even comical, combative and cut-throat if need be. And never overlook a chance to be classy, cocky, confident, cheeky or charitable.

I guess what I am saying is that if you can, keep your mouth shut and your camera ready.

Unless, of course, you are Keanu Reeves of

Monday, June 14, 2010

Forget The Thong. No, Really. Leave It At Home.

Summer is officially here! And that means that summer fashion has finally made it's way to our doorstep and is fervently knocking to get inside.

Which tells me two things: closet cleaning/organizing/rearranging is upon us. And the time is now to prepare ourselves for what summer will bring us; from a fashion perspective. I'm talking about nasty daisy dukes, too-high high heels for beach wear, brightly-colored and mismatched metallic pieces, sexy strappy sandals, self-tanners, mini skirts, halter tops, sassy summer dresses and low-cut maxi's and more. Not all good and not all bad, but an assortment altogether different from the cold weather wearing fashions we are used to.

If there is one thing more offensive than fully-burdened spandex in the heat of the day, it has to be the effervescent thong...always sneaking up to the top of the butt-crack...threatening to launch forward and lay claim to more of a person's backside then seemed possible. The thong may have a rightful place in the functionality and sensuality departments of a girls wardrobe, but as an accessory it is just plain wrong.

Seriously. No one wants to accidently get a glimpse of your Beliz sea hole. Trust me on this.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Being Fake Is Funny

When Elaine Benes pointed out that she had "faked it," the majority of the time when she was dating Jerry on the hit sitcom Seinfeld, it was funny. When she admitted that she faked it, "all the time," it was very funny. When Kramer admitted he sometimes faked it, it was hilarious.

But Heidi Montag is not at all funny.

When Google offered up a dog translation app on April 1, it was funny.

But the Arkansas law that allows dog owners to rightfully euthanize their healthy pets when they want to bury them in the casket with them is not very funny. (It's a little funny, a lot odd, but not VERY funny.)

When War of the Worlds went out as a broadcast show for Mercury Theater on Halloween night 1938, it seemed like a funny idea. But some people were not in the least amused.

When BP's CEO announced that the Gulf of Mexico is a really big ocean and that the oil spill was only in a tiny, tiny portion of that ocean, it was not funny. When news that a fake BP twitter account had more than twice the followers of the real deal, it was kinda funny.

Then when this stupid YouTube video of a coffee spill at BP leaked out into the www, it was a reminder of what funny is. And Leroy Stick is a reminder of what funny does.

What funny is and what funny does is entertain. It's a reprieve from more somber things to think about and more serious subject matter to ponder on. Funny is necessary. Even if it's fake.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Headline News in 16 Seconds or Less. And A Side of Bacon.

Wow. A girl takes a break from blogging to have a baby and the world goes all sour. Is that what happens?
Al Gore gets separated. Dennis Hopper dies. Helen Thomas quits the White House press beat. Gizmodo was uninvited to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Van der Sloot confesses. The CEO of BP cries about wanting "his life back." Guatemala City sees a 200 foot sinkhole plant itself in the middle of the city. A fellow Chicagoan wins American Idol. The Museum of the History of Science in Florence just announced two reasons to never visit their Galileo wing. Bombshell McGee breaks that news that she is anti-Semitic. (Big surprise. What next? She drinks alcohol? She poops? Yeah...we get it. You are a real piece of work, girlie.)

In other news, 16 is the magic number this week. Why? Because I'm noticing that no longer are lists of top ten or five deadly this or thats or 12 steps to any type of recovery enough. Today, people want more. They want fat free fried chicken. They want bacon and they want to eat it too. They want shorter commutes and higher wages and less team members and more productivity. Longer meetings and drive-through grocery stores, shorter skirts and equal pay. More electronic gadgets, less words to read. More to choose from, the choice not to choose. The list goes on and on. But for today, we'll look at the top 16.

Here is an article on 16 lessons on using social media.

Consequently, here is an article that provides 16 reasons why your social media isn't working. 

If you are thinking of incorporating (and who isn't nowadays) here are 16 reasons to do it in Nevada

If there are 8 reasons to drink soda, then certainly there are 16 reasons not to drink it, right?

There are more than 16 lists, but here is the 16th list of words to know when taking the SAT. 

If you have time to read through all the lists of 16 reasons to do things or avoid things, perhaps you have too much time on your hands. In which case, might I suggest a movie;

Here is a link to the cult hit classic Sixteen Candles as found on the Internet movie database.

Did I miss anything?