Chumlee Didn't Make the List, So I'm Not Buying

In an attempt to document everything everywhere, here is my take on the latest greatest lists worth listing.

Start off by checking out TIME magazine's ranking of the best blogs of 2010. Not at all a surprise, The Sartorialist is among the best and Mashable and Perez Hilton can be found among the overrated. 

Not so much a list as a self-defined "checklist," this article by Intense Minimalist sounds off on what it necessary for optimal social usability.

Social Media Examiner offers up 5 Ways to Killer Twitter Spam. Again, not really a lists of sorts, but an interesting read, if that's what you are looking for.

If you are looking for interesting AND TRENDY news lists, check out the Top ten Things Fabio Capello got wrong as coach for England in the World Cup 2010.

Speaking of interesting AND DANGEROUS; check out the list of 12 Volatile Volcanoes that are READY TO BLOW.  (All caps just seemed appropriate today.)

Speaking of dangerously stupid, here are 74 of the world's most strange and exotic animals. I see neither my dog nor Chumlee from Pawn Stars in the top 50, so I remain skeptical.

And finally, one last depressing thought...ABC news presents the Top 5 Cities falling into the shitter, thanks to the failing economy.

Happy Monday!

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