Common Sense Communication Commandments

Social Media Today posted an article titled, "The 8 Commandments for Participating in Online Conversations."

If Jesus were still alive today, I doth think he would say that this author was thinking too much. Why? Because all 8 of the commandments are COMMON SENSE folks.

1. Listen
2. Ask questions
3. Adopt a Receptive Attitude
4. Be Honest
5. Be Personal
6. Engage
7. Thank You
8. Be Positive

The article addresses the question of, "How can we engage in conversations with our consumers?"

After furnishing the above mentioned 8 commandments for proper conversations, it finishes by stating, "These criteria are neither new nor unique, but when applied to marketing they are really innovating."

Really? Innovating? I'm not so sure I would agree with the notion that nothing new is innovating. Maybe the medium is evolving, but the practice of communicating is not revolutionary. Even for the social sphere. I mean, how can this criteria be innovative when we are talking about two or more people, ummm...talking...about something to another person or two. Which is to say, don't be stupid people. Business has always been social and people are always talking about business. On golf courses. In fancy restaurants. While traveling, while waiting to travel, before travel, after travel and on vacation. We are people and we communicate. We chit-chat. We socialize. That's what we do.

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