Forget The Thong. No, Really. Leave It At Home.

Summer is officially here! And that means that summer fashion has finally made it's way to our doorstep and is fervently knocking to get inside.

Which tells me two things: closet cleaning/organizing/rearranging is upon us. And the time is now to prepare ourselves for what summer will bring us; from a fashion perspective. I'm talking about nasty daisy dukes, too-high high heels for beach wear, brightly-colored and mismatched metallic pieces, sexy strappy sandals, self-tanners, mini skirts, halter tops, sassy summer dresses and low-cut maxi's and more. Not all good and not all bad, but an assortment altogether different from the cold weather wearing fashions we are used to.

If there is one thing more offensive than fully-burdened spandex in the heat of the day, it has to be the effervescent thong...always sneaking up to the top of the butt-crack...threatening to launch forward and lay claim to more of a person's backside then seemed possible. The thong may have a rightful place in the functionality and sensuality departments of a girls wardrobe, but as an accessory it is just plain wrong.

Seriously. No one wants to accidently get a glimpse of your Beliz sea hole. Trust me on this.

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