Headline News in 16 Seconds or Less. And A Side of Bacon.

Wow. A girl takes a break from blogging to have a baby and the world goes all sour. Is that what happens?
Al Gore gets separated. Dennis Hopper dies. Helen Thomas quits the White House press beat. Gizmodo was uninvited to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Van der Sloot confesses. The CEO of BP cries about wanting "his life back." Guatemala City sees a 200 foot sinkhole plant itself in the middle of the city. A fellow Chicagoan wins American Idol. The Museum of the History of Science in Florence just announced two reasons to never visit their Galileo wing. Bombshell McGee breaks that news that she is anti-Semitic. (Big surprise. What next? She drinks alcohol? She poops? Yeah...we get it. You are a real piece of work, girlie.)

In other news, 16 is the magic number this week. Why? Because I'm noticing that no longer are lists of top ten or five deadly this or thats or 12 steps to any type of recovery enough. Today, people want more. They want fat free fried chicken. They want bacon and they want to eat it too. They want shorter commutes and higher wages and less team members and more productivity. Longer meetings and drive-through grocery stores, shorter skirts and equal pay. More electronic gadgets, less words to read. More to choose from, the choice not to choose. The list goes on and on. But for today, we'll look at the top 16.

Here is an article on 16 lessons on using social media.

Consequently, here is an article that provides 16 reasons why your social media isn't working. 

If you are thinking of incorporating (and who isn't nowadays) here are 16 reasons to do it in Nevada

If there are 8 reasons to drink soda, then certainly there are 16 reasons not to drink it, right?

There are more than 16 lists, but here is the 16th list of words to know when taking the SAT. 

If you have time to read through all the lists of 16 reasons to do things or avoid things, perhaps you have too much time on your hands. In which case, might I suggest a movie;

Here is a link to the cult hit classic Sixteen Candles as found on the Internet movie database.

Did I miss anything?

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