Bagel Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Click here for info from the American Cancer Society. For ACS Relay for Life info, click here.

Click here for info from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer organization's invitation to join the global movement.

Both of these organizations offer fun and inspirational ways to support a great cause. Of course, the most popular is the 5K race and the overnight 24 hour relay run/walk. But there are other ways you can have fun and donate a little of your money or time or both to services that help fight the good fight.

Here is Panera's attempt at celebrating the month of October and Breast Cancer Awareness: the Pink Ribbon bagel. If you are interested in tasting the tasty bagel treats that promise to donate a portion of sales to breast cancer charities (see the fine print for more info), make sure you print the pre-order form and fax it in two days before you want to pick up the order. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have walked into a Panera store four times already this month and each time have been turned away from purchasing the Pink Ribbon bagel. Two times I was told before 9 a.m. that they had sold out hours ago. Both times the cashier lady responded without hesitation (indicating to me that she was growing weary of telling off potential pink ribbon bagel customers) and also made facial signals that suggested she thought me stupid for not realizing that these gems were so popular that if I wanted them I should be willing to wait in line before the store opened. So I didn't feel at all smug when I pondered aloud and with just a slight bit of noticable contempt, "Then why don't you make more?"

As my latest edition of Runner's World documents carb-friendly running snacks, it's easy to find that the bagel makes both lists of foods that are good to eat before a long run and foods that are good to eat after a workout. Needing to get anywhere from 50 - 65% of your calories from carbs, a white-flour bagel and some gummy bears before the race is recommended while a whole wheat bagel and a banana are to be consumed after the run. The difference is how the body absorbs the sugars and the slow-burning carbs. Any way I look at it, the Pink Ribbon bagel is a good choice if it were in fact, a choice.

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