State Your Case Woman. Or in the very least, buy a barrel.

Innovation may be the key to survival but wine is surely a girls best friend.

Just kidding.

It's more about fine wine and great friends. Or maybe decent wine and good friends. Or decent wine and fine friends. Or maybe it's that a case of wine can be your best friend. Or simply a mini barrel.

Whatever it is, enjoy it.

Also, please enjoy Time Magazine's special report on the "State of the American Woman." Sure, we've come a long way from needing to get our husband's permission for a mastectomy (can you freaking imagine?!?!?) and traveled from the days of leaving it to Beaver to leaving nothing at all and going for the Brazillian, but for the love of pete, how far have we really traveled? Not quite far enough, news sources reveal as Yahoo! says sorry for it's latest hullabaloo involving the innovative company's real thoughts on where a woman fits in the creative process.

Speaking of traveling, I'm looking for a good travel site. A really good one, that is. More on that soon...

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