Wednesday Word of the Day

Write. Write. Write. Even if it feels wrong, wrong, oh-so wrong. Wednesday.

(Can you say vacation? Better yet, can you go on a vacation and hire me as a traveling companion?) All joking aside, today is Wednesday and I'm bound and determined to focus on the written word.

Here are my favorites for the day:

1. Snarky
2. Repugnant
3. Nincompoop

With the exception of #3, none of my words appear on the most beautiful, silly or favorite British or English word lists owned by Jennifer Copley. Hhhhmpf.

Upon second inspection, all of my words are bad words. HEY. WAIT A MINUTE!
What's that supposed to mean? I may be in a bad mood. Or perhaps a bitter mood with undertones of bad-ass-ness. Or just simply depressed with my writing and reading and running. Aha. I maybe onto something. Will need to hunt for rejuvinators soon. Send ideas this way...

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