An Obvious Need For Balance

An Australian film captured a stroller run amuk only to have the baby escape with minor injuries and a memory for the mom that will surely outlive the international attention. Watch the video and see the exact moment mom slipped and the stroller rolled. Too bad she didn't have these on...the new New Balance 1064 New York Marathon running shoe. While the scene is one straight from a horror movie for anyone who adores and adorns heels, both mom and baby are okay.

And Chicago news is detailing a similarly haunting tale of a baby stroller getting stuck in a CTA train platform just this week. Rescued and hospitalized, the little toddler appears to have rocked to and fro and then slipped out of her stroller and into the graveled train line after the doors shut on the stroller and the train proceeded forward. Reports say that the 22-month old is fine, but investigations continue and allegations are a-plenty.

A passenger trying to steady himself as he enjoyed a pleasant afternoon flight with a pilot friend accidently ejected himself. That's right. The poor bastard grabbed the nearest gear shift as a knee-jerk reaction to some stomach-turning tricks and in turn got the biggest jerk of his little life. The man is obviously totally embarrassed, but totally okay.

Click here to be redirected to a fun little quiz that will help you determine if you, too, have a need for balance in your life. Ranking your ability to MOVE, REST, REPLENISH, this Microsoft (MSN) site sponsored by Tylenol promises to serve you up a personalized report and some tips for improvements; hopefully starting with a real life explanation of this crazy notion of balance...

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