King of the Throne Or Perhaps Just A Bunch of Crap For Today

It's Sunday. I'm exhausted. Today we are going to focus on the bare essentials.

This week the Art Institute of Chicago will open a new artist display by Monica Bonvicini, an Italian-born contemporary modernist. Her latest work is featured in the new wing of the museum, aptly named the Modern Wing. She is bold in her construction and manipulative in the way her art portrays complicated human struggles with minimalistic appeal and style.

But what do we already know about the creative mind of Bonvicini? The looking glass toilet, of course. The 'lou with a view', so to speak. The stark toilet on a once-quiet street in London that lets the occupants of the public crapper see the whole wide world around them but appears as a totally mirrored surface from the outside. This amazing toilet was built on the theory that people today fall into the fear of missing out to the point of missing it.

Call it omnipotence. Call it Panopticanonian thinking. Call it whatever you want, but don't pretend that you would A.) give a shit  or B.) not want to be matter the environment of your authority.

We all want to be all-knowing. All the time. Right?

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