A Quick Look At the Headline News

Will Elin Nordegren suffer the same media backlash as Chris Brown if it's determined that Elin acted out in a rage of domestic abuse and attacked her famous husband with his livelihood? I'm, of course, talking about Tiger Woods and his latest headline news depicting a Thanksgiving affair that ended with more than one stuffed turkey and a huge mess in the kitchen.

Because Gloria Allred is no dummy. She didn't take on Rachel Uchitel for nothing. So we'll see. Unfortunately this will play out in the news until way past it's entertainment value.

In other news, Fox News is featuring a story about how potentially misleading and dangerous social media can be to a person's identity. For college students, job seekers, online shoppers & bankers and all the other people in the world who interact on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and more (that's everyone, right??) reports are detailing how much personal information bleeds from one source to the next. So Fox News is advocating a site you wouldn't normally associate with the conversative news source superpower. They are sending concerned users to a survey available on the ACLU that helps to gauge just how exposed one might be.

Speaking of manipulating social media for less than noble reasons, the White House party crashers are boring me to tears. Initially appearing as rogue reporters on a mission to break an unbreakable security breach, now these two overprivileged people appear pathetic and bored (Just read how this Forbes writer appropriately compared the Salahi couple to Heidi and Spencer.) Which doesn't say a whole lot about the events they attend...

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