Simple Choice to Run

For the love of pete people, who really cares about Sarah Palin's new book? The real book, not the big mistake CBC recently aired. Indeed, we are a bunch of tired, old, bored consumers hitting up the mall food court day in, day out.

I mean, really?

Who gives a rats ass? So Palin wore shorts and other running gear for a photo shoot for a running magazine. Is that really as scandelous as it gets? So what if she choose to bear a child with a disability. Why does that imply that she is a bad mom? So what if her daughter hooked up with a loser and had a baby out of wedlock? Does that mean she is somehow less of an upstanding citizen? So what if she likes fashion? So what if she likes to run? So what if she likes to speak her mind about healthcare, soccer, family issues and lipstick? So what if Star Jones said she should have been more responsible and worn long leggings instead of shorts for the running photo shoot? So what if her husband doesn't have a job? So what if she went on Oprah? So what if she decided to get the hell out of American politics? Who can blame her? Seems like it's a pretty awful place to spend your time and energy.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with her political stance in the slightest. I lean left while I was brought up right. That said, this transcends political views and comes down to something much more dangerous.

Lacking real evidence of deteriorating morals and illegal behavior, apparently we are a people that look to unearth secrets that will surely turn into stories of lust, deceit and injustice. Essentially, no matter the subject matter, we ache for people to fail. We want to see people in ruin.

She pays her taxes. She has a monogamous relationship with her spouse. She is involved with the upbringing of her family. She takes care of her body. She is educated. She is financially secure. These are things millions of women all over the world DIE trying to accomplish every day.

Next time you find yourself infatuated with the sartorial savvy or lack thereof of a president, a president's wife, or a potential presidential candidate, take your energies and hit the running trail yourself...with as much vitriol as we seem to have for things as petty as the length of a peddle-pusher, there should not be one woman in Congo without sponsorship for a better life if we so choose to support causes worth our attention. Simply put, we are lucky to have a choice. We should choose to outrun this nonsense.

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