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Just like you would expect to see in a Simpson's episode featuring Spinal Tap, one of the greatest rock legends in the world recently greeted a large mass of followers by bellowing "Hello Ohio!"

Problem was that the followers were not in Ohio and either was Springsteen.

They were congregating for a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert at Auburn Hills Palace.

In Michigan.

According to the article, the Boss embarrasingly referred to the pack of Wolverines as mere Buckeyes on more than one occassion until guitarist Van Zandt whispered the faux pas into his bosses ear. Talk about calling out your own boss man in front of the man. In corporate America, you would likely be fired on the spot for somehow not making it look like it was your fault that your idiot boss was indeed such an idiot. Instead, a gallant Springsteen apologized and owned his small defeat. The real winners were, obviously, in the audience.

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