A Matter of Potential

Corporate buzzwords are like religion. It's a good idea to be introduced to all of them in order to make the best decision on what you want to believe, endorse and practice.

I twittered today about corporate buzzwords. Ya know...that way of speaking that makes you sound less of a person and more of a Zoloft-induced droid wrapped in a JoS A. Banks buy-one-get-one-free suit.

There are always a few new interesting corporate buzzwords that pop up like warmed popcorn only to be left on the stove to burn into a solid mass of blackened tar that eventually leads you to throw away pan and all.

Here is a little read on the top ten corporate buzzwords. It's spot on, I should say! The author of this article shows little signs of actual contempt for the executive office, but refers on more than one occasion that it's probably okay to read the online story at your office as many of those at the office will not understand the humor or satire behind the choked and cloaked idea that everyone wants to sound like a suit.

For those of us who do not exist in the corporate un-reality or for those of you who do not breathe in and out this environment of quick retorts, trendy catchphrases and delegating down, it's still value-add to strategically align yourself with opportunities to fully engage in a paradigm shift of sorts and really leverage some competitive advantage synergies via 6 Sigma methodology and a firm grasp on the realities of reengineering for efficiency in all your business systems. We all have potential to be thought-leaders, after all.

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