See Marissa Run

Here is what I don't get:

Marissa Mayer.

She runs things. Like Google. And marathons. And interviews. And press junkets. And parties. And more.

And she really likes to talk about herself. Alot.
She talks about her $300 highlights.
She talks about how creative, optimistic and logical she is here.
Preferring to be on stage where she can stay in the spotlight, she described Facebook as her most favorite non-Google service here.
She proclaimed that, "Good students are good at all things," even though she finished 7,074 out of 7,862 in a recent marathon in Portland.

She disputes WSJ's accusations of building a business model on digital disloyalty and takes offense to the idea that she unintentionally encourages promiscuity.
She was a featured keynote speaker at her alumni, Stanford, as she talks about "hitching her wagon to the correct star" and "reinventing chic."
She even has a Wikipedia page dedicated to how successful of a human being she is. 'Cause she is. 
Here, in a Vogue feature, she seemingly talks on and on about nearly everything about herself; her shopping habit, her addiction to Oscar de la Renta (she bought more than 20 cardigans at once) her Superman super man, her three homes, her lavish dinner parties, her wonderful this, her more wonderful that, everything...everything...everything. She seems to have it all.

So it's actually rather a surprise to hear a story about little Marissa getting "pissy" for a recent radio show incident. It seems that the radio show hosts wanted to talk more about Marissa than she was willing to engage. The article seems to indicate that you can talk about anything that Marissa wants to talk about, just don't ask her about anything she doesn't want to talk about. Geesh. This isn't Google, man. It's the real world. There is no such thing as metadata in real life.

So when the radio show hosts asked Marissa - who has made a name for herself by naming herself - if they can Google nude pictures of her, she was insulted. Not because she doesn't like to talk about herself. But because apparently there are no nude pictures to speak of. Not even on Google. And because she is a Google Top Dog, she was obviously hurt that no one has yet to sneak into her hotel room and catch a video that ends up boosting her career to places that even Google has yet to imagine.

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