Welcome 2010. Goodbye Texting While Driving.

Studies show a pretty horrific correlation between driving and texting. BusinessWeek says drivers are six times more likely to be involved in accidents when they engage in texting behavior.

This "daily epidemic of distracted driving," led President Obama and transportation secretary Ray LaHood to ban federal employee use of cell phones and such while operating governmental vehicles back in October 2009.

Some state governments are following suit and starting Jan. 1, all texting, twittering, typing and surfing will be banned in Illinois, Oregon, New Hampshire and more.  

Why, it was just last night that I downloaded a pretty cheesy public service announcement that featured LaHood telling me not to text-n-drive. I would have paid more attention but I was busy trying to input the address to the next bar on my New Years Eve pub crawl and really only had time to briefly check my iPhone inbox before the light changed to green...

Seems to me that these stuffy legislators have nothing to do but police well-intentioned citizens.

I'm teasing, of course. Happy New Year and to all a good night!

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