Smile More

Some people are just born smilers.

Which is good, because what the world needs most is love sweet love. (Valentine's Day is coming folks...) Really, though, because think about are what you are. If you are always smiling, then you are one giant smile. And who doesn't like to be on the receiving end of a smile?

Because life is not, in fact, like a box of chocolates, in my humble opinion. (Thanks Derek Featherstone...for inspiration on the digital highway and beyond...check out his triathlete training blog here.) As much as we may want to we are not able to lift up every piece of life out there; smell it, lick it, prick a tiny piece off to take a peak inside and taste it only to replace it with a more desirable flavor and start another a mere minute later. Instead, life is really all about customer service.

Whether it's your neighbor, mail carrier, newspaper deliverer, doctor, hairdresser, grocery store clerk or librarian, it's all a delicate balance of appropriate customer service interactions. We all dance around the necessary informal greetings and whatnot - or worse, automated telephone applications - and in the end all we want is to have a decent exchange and leave with a smile. 

The mantra has always been to have customers "hear you smile through the phone," right? With the digital age, it's asking for more. Smiling via social media - over the internet - in email - in teleconference - during a Webex presentation - and more...but the mantra is the same...keep smiling.

It's important to stay aware of the fact that, in fact, a smile is something so very simple that can help out even the most difficult situation. I have recently been reminded that a person can catch more bees with honey, so to speak. Unfortunately it was just after I got stung.  So I obvioucly have  along way to go, baby. But I know I am not alone. Here's to miles of smiles and a little boo boo goo for all the rest!


  1. So, Jenn... You said that after you read my post you felt like you needed to run. Did you? or did you just think about it? :)

  2. Let me better phrase what I was trying to say.
    I was inspired to run even though most every chilled bone in my body was telling me to curl up on the couch with a good book, a hot cup of tea and the Kardashians quietly crooning on the tele in the background. Instead, I packed it up and hit the gym and cranked out 5 miles. And it really made me smile. Just as I am now...Thank you!

  3. Cranking out 5 miles in the gym sounds great :) Well done... I likely didn't run that day, so you outdid me. I should actually be running now, but need to spend more time writing.

    Curious -- what do you use to log your runs? anything? I've been using and quite enjoy it... if you're on there, connect to me and I'll watch as you log your workouts :)

  4. I don't really use anything to track my workouts. Tried mapmyrun but got off course too easy as it's really a matter of how I feel after I run that keeps me coming back for more!


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