Funny News For Hump Day

Oh Conan, you are one funny guy. Listed yourself as "available?" on Craigs List, did you? That's funny shit. (Conan is the guy who got royally humped.)

In other news, Tiger is no longer out on the prowl. (Tiger is the guy who has a major problem with humping.) Apparently he has been captured and admitted to a sex addiction clinic. Is that funny? Is that news? 

And then, of course, is the Republican claim of the Massachusetts seat left empty by Ted Kennedy. Mind you, it was a seat not filled by a Republican-panted person since before I was born. More than 36 years at least, if I am to celebrate another natal day next week or so. Some people blame the White House administration for trying to overcorrect a problem of right-wingedness  (by blaming it on Obama) while others say it had more to do with choosing a man to fill the old man's old pants than anything else. Which really is funny considering that Scott Brown is famous for being naked probably more than anything else.(Apparently Scott is the guy who likes to portray himself as someone who is hump-able. Remember, he is Republican. See above.)

Click here to hear Coakley's concession speech.

( and the rest of the free world has been left to scratch their heads...)

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