New Resolutions. Same Old Tricks.

"Wag more, eat less, find peace."

Sounds simple enough. But is it maybe more difficult than it seems?Why does it seem like all New Year's resolutions are really more like trying to teach an old dog new tricks? Doomed to fail, that is.

We are smart people, after all. We know when our goals are unattainable the likely result is abandonment. As in, you will likely have as much luck sticking to your New Year's resolutions as wholeheartedly deciding on winning the lottery. (My personal goal.) That's why we set ridiculous yet almost realistic expectations for ourselves this time of year. For those among us that don't have a membership at a local gym, we set out to take an exercise class a day. Yikes. For those who may enjoy a daily double cheeseburger, we feel empowered to change our evil ways and cut out all fast food entirely from our diet. No way. If you don't go to church now, don't make it your New Year's resolution to go every week. If you have more than a dozen credit cards maxed out, please don't decide that your natal day resolution will be to promptly pay them off and never again use credit as a financial solution to all your money problems.

It seems the secret is to do something you've always done but to simply do it better. Or more carefully. Or more often. Or with more vigor. Whatever works for you.

And like most things in life, it's always best if you don't have to go it alone. 

Here is my list of New Year's resolutions I stole from a cool running site called

1. Wag More.
2. Get Fit.
3. Loose Those Extra Pounds.
4. Find Peace of Mind.

Happy 2010!

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