Postman Doesn't Ring Twice on Sunday

Yesterday was National Handwriting Day. Last week I wrote an article on the importance of being yourself. And more than two hundred years ago John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence. 

How do these three seemingly unrelated events go together?

Well, first...the obvious...

John Hancock's birthday is January 23, 1737. So yesterday was the anniversary of his birthday. Kinda funny that we celebrate (or overlook, whatever the case may be) the birthday of the man with the most famous signature on the same day that we celebrate (or overlook, whatever the case may be) the most infamous holiday called National Handwriting Day.

Second, and maybe not as obvious...

The fact is that my own birthday is a mere day or so away. But even more interesting is the fact that only last week I penned a little diddy about personal branding. As in, I wrote an essay about how it's virtually impossible to totally separate our personal lives from that of our business ventures. Mostly thanks to the ubiquitous use of media and telecommunications (mobile phones, texting, internet, facebook, etc.) but also because it's never been something that folks have ever truely compartmentalized.

Look at politics. Has that environment EVER allowed it's members to hold a personal life as just that: personal? Or celebrities? Or your neighbors down the street who purchased a new SUV after the mom got her second promotion in three months? (Exactly why do we care about crap like that when we only see each other approximately 7 times a year?!?!) It doesn't matter. We are human. We are interested in the whole person, not just a persona and not just a signature.

Observing the day's relevant celebrities, I promise that all the letters I place in my mailslot today will be handwritten ones.

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