Certainly Not A Gentleman and Apparently Doesn't Prefer Blondes

I'm talking about Tiger Woods, that is. The poor bastard still seems to be soaking in the limelight even though more interesting things are finally starting to pop up on the world news and trendy-things-to-chat-about radar. Just ask David Letterman.

Like the fact that the IndyCar princess Danica Patrick is going NASCAR. Er, rather, she is going to NASCAR. (Seriously, doesn't NASCAR sound like it should be a verb?? I'm just saying...)

How about how Helicopter Ben announced that he perhaps thinks that maybe there is a slight chance that economic conditions may or may not experience some rather modest growth MAYBE - like he said in his own opinion based solely on his own fleeting thoughts and analysis - to the Economic Club of Washington on Monday. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke remained cautiously optimistic and not one time mentioned what a conundrum we face as we enter a new era of simplicity and regular people problems. You know, like finding a job, paying for groceries, being able to afford diapers and school tuition and gas for a vehicle. Not to mention beer money. My god there is no better time to drink beer when the world around you seems to suck more and more every day. Ben looks like he needs one in the photo below.

In the world of publishing and social media, five of the world's giants are coming together to establish a digital newstand of sorts in 2010. An associated press account said that, "Time Inc., News Corp., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp., and Meredith Corp. are teaming up to create a digital format in color, rather than Kindle's gray "electronic ink." The format would work on a variety of devices, not just one."

So much for asking for a Kindle from Santa. (Again...pictured above...Santa is distraught because he now doesn't know what to bring me for Christmas...)

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