King of the World All Right

Google runs that world. I've said it before. I'll say it again. Google. Runs. The. World.
And if you don't believe me now, just wait until the Trojan horse of an Android scoops up everyone's attention while at the same time secretly spreading over the world of applications like Bobby Flay's chocolate genache.
Okay, okay. Maybe it doesn't exactly run the entire world. We know it doesn't successfully deliver unto us those missing socks from our dryers, so there is that for Google to work on...

But if you think that you are far removed from the Googleness of the world, then think again. No one is really that distanced from technology or global communication or heck, each other, for that matter. Why are we so surprised when we have those moments of realizing just how small the world is? When in fact, we really are probably about 6 degrees of separation from anyone, let alone Kevin Bacon. (My god, I heart bacon. That's a joke. I really don't care too much for it at all. I'm a runner who eats rather healthy.)

For all those who doubt what I am trying to say here and for all those who truly think that we exist in a world of serendipity, check out this article about social media karma. Believe it.

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