A Need To Run

Amid a flurry of seasonal worries of not enough time, too much food and altogether total and comprehensive overstimulation of nearly all senses, I find a burning desire to run.

Which obviously leads to guilt, confusion, a tad bit of depression when said running is not accomplished and a while lot of whining for those around me to endure. I would apologize for the ridiculous behavior and even more shameful thoughts except that I know I am not alone (thank goodness runners run the world!!) and I know that if I know this much about me and am willing to accept me for who I am, surely should those I bestow my love upon. (Ok. That's a big assumption - I KNOW - but still...the law of effective crisis communication is that if an expected circumstance occurs time and time again, no one should be surprised. Instead, all parties inherently grow fond of the consistency found in such inconsistence. Right?)

All of which is to say that there are some really rather fantastic international races coming fast upon us for next year and I wanted to share my excitement and the details with others who face the same seasonal dilemna while looking for something to look forward to.

The Barcelona Marato will kick off next season's racing with a March 7, 2010 race through the Street of Roman Walls, past Angel Square and by all the Gothic architecture. Add to that the Marato Expo, the Breakfast Run and the Pasta Party, and there is no crying in Barcelona.

The Prague Marathon; March, May and September offer a diverse array of race options with details available in 6 languages. And the advantage is that when you are done running the city, you will find yourself in the middle of one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Enjoy!

The Fortis Marathon Rotterdam; April 11, 2010, Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the largest sporting event in the Netherlands. From what I can tell, this is one of the most organized races on the face of the planet.

Same date, different race: the Milan City Marathon also takes place on April 11, 2010 and is known for a flat course with lots of fun and fashionable things to do after...

April 18, 2010 will bring about the Vienna City Marathon where runners will have the chance to be part of the "Vienna Sightjoggers" who run through the streets packed with cultural heritage and get a special tour running leader to point out all the areas of historical importance.

Known as a world-class running course that culminates at the Musselburgh Racecourse and also known as the fastest marathon in the UK, the Edinburgh Marathon is set for May 23, 2010 with a start time of 10 am. The Scottish Half starts at 8, so do 'em both if you can! There will be plenty of beer to help you through the recovery process!

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