Dogs Never Bite Me, Humans Do

Marilyn Monroe may have said it, but pretty much everyone can understand what she was talking about. Dog or cat-lover and all between, we all can agree that the most dangerous species of them all is the human race.

Just ask three-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey. He'll tell you the truth. It's brutal out there, he will say. Ask him how he deals with it and you'll get a heaping helping of candor. Truthfully, he'll admit to using marijuana during the last three dog-sled races through the tundra. Why? Because he is a throat cancer survivor and a card-carrying member of the medical marijuana club. So he's got plenty of general consensus support (some say 3 out of 4 Americans would support legalizing medical marijuana, others have never experienced losing someone to cancer, but let's not focus on those lucky few.) Anyone with balls enough to stand up to and - bless their hearts and soul - be lucky enough to beat something as devastating as cancer (the evil of all evils, let's agree) deserves to carry whatever card he wants. But let's look a little closer.

He is smoking marijuana because he is racing across 1,100 miles of snow and arctic hell behind a pack of wild dogs. ON A SLED. Does this guy really need a test to prove that he may be impaired?

Thanks to rampant roid use in the mainstream media for regular folks and superstars alike, more and more racing events are randomly testing for illegal drug use; including marijuana and anabolic steroids. Now Iditarod race organizers are calling for mandatory marijuana testing. Of the humans, not the dogs. "I think it's a little bit ridiculous," Mackey told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via The Associated Press late last week, "It's a dog race, not a human race."

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