Who, among us, does not live too much in their heads? It's so easy to do because there is only so much living we can accomplish before we gotta take a break. We run. We write. We paint. We read, search, clean, walk, cook (or rather heat up) and stew. The rest of the time is spent thinking, talking and drinking.

I use the content of what I read - online, newspapers, favorite and/or mind-numbing bestseller fodder, literary periodocals, fashion and beauty magazines, billboards and more - to keep me running long distances. My mind never stops, so why should my body? It may not appear to be normal or even sometimes healthy, but the fact is that what I read I digest and analyze long after I have physically separated from the source of info.

So after my morning ingestion of one bowl of cereal, two cups of coffee and a banana, I'll grab the puppy and off to the trails we shall go. Now, I'm not at all certain what goes through the head of the dog, but for's generally a theme of things that were either positioned well or well positioned. I call it "trendspotting." And to me, it means content that will allow a person to effectively communicate on all levels about trendy "hot" topics that deal with adult subject matter like technology, investing, marketing, sports, money, kids, real estate and career stuff. It's not too tricky. And you don't have to read or know everything. You just need to be familiar with the middle section of the WSJ, plus some fun stuff too. Keep up with all the kewl kids, ya know? That's why today I am featuring my latest points to ponder in trendsetting.

1. This idea of an "open internet." Check out the FCC recommendations on what needs to be done so that people can enjoy the internet and keep their privacy at the same time.
2. "Absurdity" in corporate marketing. A little diddy by IBM's self-proclaimed zany ad guy. This type of story makes me hopeful for two reasons: I am zany. I like absurdity. Especially in something as dry as corporate marketing.
3. "Listenomics" the Art and Science of Listenomics. The chaos theory meets internet meets techno geeks meets hollywood. Everybody knows that the nerd in high school is where it's at. You can read a few free chapters at this site or check out all the other places that have published more.
4. Nike Lunar really is rocket science. Some stuff that NASA developed to store the shock and propel you in cushion. These are the very same shoes that my local running group is offering to members for a trial period. I've been afraid of the shoes for two reasons: I am new to the running group and didn't want to bother the Nike rep...aka...didn't want to look like a dork. 2. They are u-g-l-y. And I didn't want to look like a dork. I will be using the shoes at my next running club mtg. Who knows...maybe I will feel 10 years younger...
5. Speaking of rocket science, agelessness and innovation...Moon Zappa won't feel ten years older. Today she will feel 42. Happy birthday Moon Unit!

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