A Road Less Traveled is Like a Sock Never Worn

Terrific. Scientists are developing washers and dryers to be smart enough to power down during peak utility hours in order to save folks money.

[And who doesn't LOVE money?]

That means we can be washing our laundry at 3 am instead of sleeping, in order to save a few bucks. Not bad, but come up with the dryer that kicks out that pile of second socks and we have something real to celebrate. Talk about saving money. It took me forever to find the perfect running sock. Literally, I only found one and the dryer ate the other. Twice. Ugh. So now I run around with one right foot labeled Teko and one unnamed generic sock on the left. Check out a few reviews for yourself at Runner's World as they attempt to write up a run down on darn socks. My preference is to make sure that the sock has wicking technology because nothing is worse that slipping and sliding in your own foot sweat. And I know it sounds ridiculous, but I prefer the socks that are marked one for the right foot and one for the left foot. It makes my feet feel special. Plus, when I wake up early and hit the trails, I sometimes don't wake up until the third mile, so having someone else dress me is essential. Finally, the cuteness factor is actually not a bad thing in running. Some people have lucky socks and some people show off a little individualism via their footwear. During a longer run, it's not a bad thing to focus on. Finally, a sock should be comfortable when in the shoe and when walking around the house. If it's too tight or the arch support is too lax or too constraining, it'll only seem worse after you start into a run. As with most advice in life, if it works...use it. If it doesn't...don't.

Just be careful when you choose to use. You could end up saving money if you play your cards - or wash your socks - during the off peak hours.

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