Ageful Rageful Wear

A quick follow-up to yesterday's rant of how much I hate beauty products that promise to make us look younger if only because we can no longer afford to eat thanks to the high price of youth...I turn on my handy dandy laptop today to find this interesting article on a fast approaching immortality...

Really? Do we want to live forever? Somedays I'm pretty sure I don't want to make it past lunch.

Anyway, if we do in fact, live forever, I want to wear something by fashion clothes designer Dallin Chase. I stumbled across this little ray of sunshine after a friend sent me to Sierra Trading Company to look for better running shoes. ( a sidenote...I am finding it difficult to continue a hard core workout regiment now that the half marathon is over...) And alas...Dallin was in my lap. And love it do I. The ultimate wear-ability meets high couture. It's all the rage these days. Really fun pieces that can also make a way into the office or a late night date. Good stuff.

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