She Ate Her Own Kidney?

Check out this headline:

"Runner Survived 3 days without water -- with one kidney"

Is it me or does that almost imply that she almost had to eat both kidneys? Or perhaps she intentionally rationed herself to only one kidney in order to see what she could withstand. I can see her live interview:

"Phew! I was really getting worried there near the end! Sure glad you came to get me when you did!"

There are problems with this story and the way it is being reported for sure. The fact is that it's not a story at all. Nothing horrible or wonderful happened. Runner woman ran off and got lost. People found her later and she's okay. End of story.

Fact is, the part of her story that is amazing is what is truly lost. This lady is a ultramarathoner. That's a person who can run 100 miles at a time. A person, I said. Not using a bike and not driving a car. 100 freaking miles in running shoes with water on her back. Now that's a story!

Tell me more about this. I'm interested because I'm a runner. But I'm no ultramarathoner.

The trouble here is that some editor thought..."how can we make this bleed? how can we make this controversial? how can we make this appeal to EVERYONE?"

The answer? You can't. Just do the best you can and you'll be successful.

Ha! So much easier said than done...

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