Autographs as Evidence

Not that anyone would know the difference, but my daughter forged my signature today. With my permission. With a visual aid as her support. That which I sent to her from my mobile phone. That is, she sent me a text from the bus asking for my permission to forge my signature on a science safety slip or something we had discussed the night earlier. Something, may I state, that I had asked for during said discussion, only to be met with a roll of the eyes, a toss of the hair and and a, "Okay, god, mom, I'll get it later."

Little did we both realize later would be a time when 1. she was on the bus going to school 2. I would not be on the bus with her.

So I send a text back that read, "Okay - not that anyone would know it's a forge...." Meaning that no one at her new school knew my signature so anything that she wrote would appear to be valid.

So she sent me a text back, asking for a photo of my signature so that she could mimic my style and essence. Oh my god child. Really? Okay. Really. I did it. God bless social media, eh?

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