Bacn' and other Unnecessary Objects

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I avoid bacon at all costs. Just read my Twitter bio. It's who I ham. Please don't judge me and I'll try not to do the same to you. Unless you are Charlie Sheen. Then I will likely -- like the rest of the free world and even the majority of the shackled and confined inmates around the world --  freely judge and quickly come to the same conculsion. That you are unnecessary, Mr. Sheen. In all senses of the word. Totally unnecessary.

Alot like bacn'. And bacon (again...just MY opinion.) Know this much is true; if backed into a corner I would more likely devour a pound of bacon instead of backing into Charlie. I'm just saying.
I also said this about bacon when talking about how buyers' need to be aware.

I posted this tribute to the natal day of April last year; a bacon pr tribute of sorts.

And here is 16 lessons on social media (or 16 reasons why your social media isn't working) and a side of bacon. A classic, really.

But these are all things I've already said.

What I haven't dished about and what I am interested in tasting and that is a little more on the subject of bacn'. That's right. No "O," folks. Just B-A-C-N.

And I'm singing this tune because Google recently sent me a little diddy about some of the work they are doing in their gmail ad platform. If it's possible, Google is claiming that they are on their way of becoming evern more smarter.  Check it out for yourself.

And remember, "You've got a friend in meat."

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