What Makes a Video Go Viral?

What does A Hunter Shooting a Bear have to do with a pothead watching a rainbow have to do with a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have to do with anything that has to do with Lady Gaga?
They all possess the same thing that Charlie Sheen offers.

A break from our lonely, pathetic, boring lives. A break, that likely will result in us not thinking our lives are so pathetic, lonely and boring, after all.

Or, in another sense, they are all viral videos.

Check em out.

Taken directly from the last video, "What does this mean?"

Well, it could mean a few things, really.

1. We are easily entertained. As a group.
2. We are stupid. As a group. (Hum that to the tune of Mary Poppin's "Sister Suffrage.")
3. We are bored.
4. We are tired of being bored, stupid and merely entertained. We want more.

Wonder what this means for YouTube Live?

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