Are we Engaged yet?

Everybody is so pushy these days. Selling, telling, wheeling and dealing, deals, contests, sweeps, lotteries and more. "NOW. NOW. DO IT. DO IT NOW," screamed Dwight as he berated poor Andy into selling his Xterra. And you know what? I'm starting to feel the pressure.

 First we were just (Facebook) friends. Then I had to be a fan. Then I had to tell the world I "Liked" you. Then you went around telling other people we were friends. Then you started following me on Twitter. Then apps came out that allowed people to see who I followed and where they existed and what they were doing and where they were located. I don't know about you, but sometimes I start to feel smoothered. Other times I am totally creeped out.

Now, it seems, Google wants us to tell the world we are each other's "Plus One." Very much in style with Carrie Bradshaw and all that I adore about "Sex and the City," I'm just not sure I want the world to know how connected I am. To anyone.

Maybe I'm not ready to be fully Engaged yet.
Does that mean that Plus One really is the loneliest number, after all?

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