Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, UnTweeted

Did you know that rice cereal is a constipator? Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I recently found out the baby prefers oatmeal. And what makes baby happy makes me happy.

In a similar twist of fate, Demi and her very own youngin' are tweeting up a storm about the very topic. Or rather, they are tweeting about their experience with a whole body cleanse, a similarly offensive attack on the upper and lower bowels, brought on by a certain deadly combination of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup. Hopefully the details will end there, for mrskutcher's nearly 3 million fans on twitter.

Which basically is another way of displaying a whole helluva lot of information to a whole helluva lot of folks that is most definitely too much information for just about any one person. Some things, as they say, are better left unsaid.

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