Bad Hair Day

I need a haircut. Or rather, I want a haircut. Or perhaps I do not. I'm very confused. Partially because I'm so tired and disinterested in my hair versus other details in my life that SCREAM for my attention. But also because I am no expert in hair styling.

Either is Britney Spears (Just look how bad she is with her bad self. Er...I mean, bad extensions. Yikes!) So I guess we got that in common. You know what else me and old Britna-liscious have in common? The fact that we keep trying. Yeah...sure...we all have our bad hair days. But you know what? We keep moving forward. Life is sometimes tough, but you gotta hold your head up high and move forward. You can't simply stop, shave off all your hair and give up. Oh, wait. Maybe you can. But the real lesson here is that even if you do, your hair will likely grow back just as fierce. And in the end, we are all hot messes just waiting to be mussed up.

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