A Beard Worth Covering

 It turns out that I like beards. Lee Clow's beard, that is.

Not that I have ever come face-to-face with Lee Clow's fuzzy facial hair, or the man behind the hairy mask for that matter, but I do follow him on Twitter. So I got that much going for me.

The thing is, I met (began following) Lee Clow's beard through an act of serendipity.  Searching for a Hemingway photo on Google, I somehow stumbled across his Twitter avatar (which, if you squint your eyes, looks similar to something that could be mistaken for Hemingway.)

And I liked what I saw. He tweets about random musings that appear to be mostly advertising and marketing oriented, but also could very easily be applied to larger life issues and struggles. He tweets things like, "Some products are good enough to survive bad advertising. But who wants to merely survive?" and "Ideas are nothing without execution. E.g., it's one thing to discuss freedom, and quite another to live freely." and "If you give some clients only what you think they deserve, they're apt to return the favor."

Turns out Lee Clow is a mastermind in the world of marketing and advertising, but I don't care. I like his beard. He is kinda funny, somewhat somber, often tongue-in-cheek and a bit political. Or, rather, his beard is.  

More than I can say for this guy's beard:

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