Trains, Plans and Colorado

So I am training for a marathon, training a puppy to not poop in the house and shopping for a train tour for an upcoming trip to Colorado.

Oh, and there is that nasty little thing called, "looking for a job..."

I would rather the dog poop in the house...

I found myself on the treadmill the other day wishing for death around mile 3. That's when it hit me. I need some change. Right. Like I need a new puppy. Doh!

So the puppy and me...we gotta see eye to eye. We need to realize that 3 am is not a good time to be strolling around the neighborhood looking for friends. And 6 am is not a good time to eat breakfast after being up at 3 am.

Anyway I look at it, training for a marathon and training a puppy should never be a simultaneous activity for any household.

On the job front, things are rough at best. I have been sending out resume and applying to Linkedin jobs and joinging user groups all across the globe. Of course, I'm still married to the idea that Conde Nast will come knocking at my door, but until then, I gotta eat. So I'm figuring out how to best use social media networking for things like finding email addresses of hiring people and making friends with folks who draw a regular paycheck from a place that seems not at all half bad. If I don't have a contact at a business, I'm figuring out how to replace that sort of personal touch. It's not an easy adventure, but here is a short list of things that I have done"

1. Created a Linked in profile that also stands as a living resume; including links to previously published works and references

2. Cleaned up my Facebook page and removed all the nude photos and f bombs

3. Stalked other people via Facebook, twitter and linkedin until I find their work email...then send them my resume and ask for help sending it to the hiring people at their organization.

4. Joined groups and clubs (Linkedin) and made connections with connections in hopes of connecting with someone who has connections.

5. Complained daily to anyone who will listen about how much it sucks to live off unemployment (the dog seeks revenge for all this nagging by laying her own example of disguist and discontentment. trust me...I get much worse than I give...)

Anyone else looking for work? Anyone else have creative ideas to share in regard to the following:

1. training for a marathon

2. potty training a puppy

3. getting a job

4. taking a trip to colorado (this just in...)

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