Manic Monday Sings A Siren Song

It's a little known fact that in fact, Manic Monday was not an original Bangles song. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure they had original songs. Probably they did. I just don't care that much to investigate. I can tell you this much.

Manic Monday was written by Prince. Appelonia (or however you spell it) first performed it and she butchered it so much that he revoked the song and later, her career. (Thank you Prince..or whatever it is that you are going by these days!) Shortly after his wanna-be gal pal ruined the song, Prince started crushing on the lead singer of the Bangles. He thought he would impress her by giving her some used up old crappy lyrics...Manic Monday. Talk about sloppy seconds, but the truth is, it worked. The song, that is. Not the relationship.

Either way, today is a Monday. And a manic one at that. I'm pretty much doing absolutely everything to avoid running today. What exactly is my body telling me? Drink vodka, I'm afraid...just teasing!! I have hit a sort of running wall.

Of course, I'm simply beside myself wondering when the next hazy shade of winter will appear before my eyes. That's another Bangles smash hit. Written by Paul Simon and originally performed by Simon and was a song that the Bangles resurrected nicely. Thank goodness for girls and accessories, I always say.

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