Random Rants and Some Pop

On the go, getting ready for back to school....check out these bags. Cute and modern little bags for your little boogers! But still, really, really, cute, right?

Speaking of reasons to celebrate, be sure to check out today's Groupon. A groupon is a coupon-like deal that offers special rates and discounted product and services to a certain amount of people. If a certain amount of people take part in each day's offer, the coupon is activated and everyone gets to enjoy a little some-thing-something for a little less than normal. If not, no big deal, your credit card is not charged. I have used this service for a few things and I love it! PS. Today's groupon is for $40 worth of celebrating at Pop's in downtown Chicago for only $20. Not bad if you like decadent food and champagne.

In other news, I have officially decided that I will do anything to work at Conde Nast.

And, I just signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon. Gulp.

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