To train or not to train...for a marathon

Changing your job, losing your religion, finding new love...running a marathon??

Ahhh...we all have demons to face and surely some of them we are allowed to run away from, right?

But to properly train and out-strategize said demons...that is the goal, I do believe. Thanks to the internet and many before me, I have a few handy dandy marathon training tricks and tools at my fingertips. Without further adieu...

1. Hal Higdon's training.

2. Here is runner's world rendition of training for a half marathon, which includes words like "economy" and rest and relaxation and lazy and things like that to encourage a non-running runner to pick up the speed and further it farther.

3. Finally, anything with the word rookie should at least be examined if you are rookie enough to indeed, look up a training marathon guide for training for a half marathon...

What I'm going to do is read all I can about running. Take a long and careful nap. Eat half a bag of chips using only two fingers. Drink some girly flavored fruity beer product. Race to the store and stock up on perspiration-wicking socks and what-not. Drive slowly past the gym. Walk the dog to the end of the driveway. Twice. Unless she pees out her butt again, then we will go it once and only once. And not at all if the neighbor is out because I don't even know HOW to clean up super duper liquid poo without having the worst gag-reflux ever. Seriously.

Then after all that, I'm going to watch the television broadcast special of Running the Sahara, the story of the three young men who ran across the Sahara in order to raise money for a charity that is helping to get clean water to places that need it most. It's an amazing thing. Inspires me to want to run...

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