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Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the first tweet, Twitter is gearing up for the big T, or whatever it will forever be remembered in history books as the day people stopped being able to handle more than two sentences at a time. For that purpose, I'll use bullets to explain the momentous occasion;

• It took three years, two months and one day to get to the billionth tweet. Now there are a billion tweets a week.

• A year ago, people sent 50 million tweets a day. On March 11, 2011, the tally was 177 million.

• There were 456 tweets per second after Michael Jackson died in 2009. That record was broken on New Year’s Day this year with 6,939 tweets after midnight in Japan on New Year’s morning there.

• There were 572,000 new accounts created on March 12, 2011; there were 460,000 new accounts created daily, on average, in the past month.

• Mobile users increased 182% in the past year.

• Twitter has 400 employees today, compared to eight in January 2008.

Facebook stats are not nearly as sexy as Twitter. But then again, I'm a word type of girl and when I think "Facebook," I regularly conjur up images of taking it in the face by a heavy leather bound book. Contrastingly, when I think "Twitter," for some reason I think up butterflies and happy thoughts like skipping, running, or perhaps a cute little red ball quickly bouncing playfully down stairs made of marshmallow. All I'm saying is that Facebook's 600 million monthly users are serviced by a world total of 1,500 Facebook staffers, so I'm cutting the little f'ers some slack. Twitterers they may not be, but -WHACK - they are good at what they are good at.

Finally, think Quora is the only emerging influencer q&a site out there? (Hint; I kinda did.) Weeehellll...we would both be wrong. Here is a list of five emerging question and answer websites out there. Why would these sites be so interesting to marketers, social media mavens and consumers alike? Because if there is one thing we all care about, it's keeping up with the Joneses. These q&a sites not only allow up to outsmart our intellectual neighbors, but also allow us to identify who knows the most and who is the most credible. Pretty brilliant stuff in a world so full of dull.

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