International Women's Day celebration #IWD

Celebrities should not talk about politics. Politicians should not act like celebrities. And the rest of us are somewhere between Pawn Stars and J. Peterman.

Diversity is great. But I've got a problem with more people listening to Justin Bieber than Gloria Steinem when it comes to women's rights. Same thing when it comes to Huckabee blabbing about Portman's parenting decisions. I'm not saying people should just shut the hell up. I'm saying that @danieltosh said "Never miss a good chance to shut up," and he wasn't a complete moron for saying it.

And now Charlie Sheen has more than 2.4 million idiots, er, followers. Goodness gracious, what is the world coming to?

Next thing you know we will have Lady Gaga and her nearly 9 million "Monsters" being carried around in egg-like chambers, Tweeting from within.

Nah, that could never happen. That's like Sheen not on crack.

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